Trolley Bus Service in Halifax

After World War II ended, Nova Scotia Light and Power took stock of the state of the street railway in Halifax. During the war, the streetcars were subjected to huge loads of passengers that took effect on the vehicles and on the tracks themselves. There was very little opportunity to do maintenance, if materials were even available during the war, due to the huge crowds the cars carried. The company found that nearly all of the cars and rails would need to be replaced. It was decided to replace the entire street railway system with a fleet of 65 new electric trolley buses which began to roll out in 1949.

The advantages of the trolley bus eventually lead to the complete replacement of all streetcar lines with trolleys. Trolley buses ran in Halifax until 1969, when they in turn were completely replaced with motor buses.

In preparation for the conversion from electric trams to trolley buses, the Nova Scotia Light and Power Company produced a brochure, entitled Blessed Events are Coming To Halifax extolling the benefits of the trolley bus over the streetcar service that Haligonians knew. Click the link below to download.

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Trolley bus on Route 5 Armdale, parked outside of Simpson's department store

2 Trolleys pass

A trolley bus stops on route 6 Oakland Rd.

Trolley bus on Route 5 Armdale

Trolley bus stops on Route 5 Armdale

Trolley bus on Route 5 Armdale on Quinpool Rd.

Trolley bus on Route 2 Belt Line stopped in front of Zellers on Barrington St, today home to the Discovery Centre

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